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Date: 2 June 2023

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John Doe

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1)    Basic Book Preparation Phase:


  • Correct spelling, grammar, punctuation and syntax.
  • Correct errors in sentence structure and language usage.
  • Notate recommended changes in wording or phrasing to improve readability of the manuscript.
  • Notate where reference citations or permission uses are necessary.
  • Correct errors in common knowledge.

Basic does not include:

  • Rewriting or reconstructing sentences.
  • Altering word choice.

The Basic package / Phase delivers an edited manuscript back to the Author in Microsoft Word format prepared for the next step of crafting into a book ready product for publication on Amazon or Barnes and Noble.  


2)    Book Ready Phase:


  • Review and ensure the manuscript is well organized.
  • Recommend organizational changes.
  • Notate areas where text veers off course.
  • Provide minor research to ensure accuracy of specific terms.
  • Provide an overall textual analysis.

Book Ready does not include:

  • Reconstructing chapters and paragraphs to help the organizational structure.
  • Rewriting the text.

The Book Ready package / Phase delivers an edited manuscript in Microsoft Word format that is a Book Ready product with Gutters, edges, top, and bottom formatted interior for the author's desired size of book within the constraints of the Amazon or Barnes and Noble publishing platforms. 


3)    Publication Phase:


  • Conduct a phone consultation at the start and upon completion of editing.
  • Reorganize paragraphs and chapters to improve overall textual organization.
  • Front and Back cover design.
  • Review the final interior after the manuscript has been formatted/typeset, just before publishing the book.

Comprehensive does not include:

  • Continued editing beyond the first draft and final interior edit.
  • More than two phone consultations.


All three phases delivers a Book Proof from the Amazon or Barnes and Noble publication platforms. This includes Front and Back cover design and integration with the Amazon publishing system... Literally one click from publication.



(Using Microsoft Word’s word count)






Line Description Page Count Total  
1 Full publication package:

$0.07 per word

215 Pages 30191 Words  
  Word Total 30191
  Cost per word $0.07
  TOTAL DUE $2113.37